Ibiza Holidays

Ibiza or as it is known in its native Catalan language, Eivissa is an island that has captured the imagination of generations of visitors in contrasting ways. It is known as the White Isle and its original appeal is that it has beautiful tranquil countryside with some traditional Spanish towns and villages hidden amongst the hills. This laid back atmosphere was one of the main reasons that drew a new generation of musicians and DJs to the island in the 1970s - 1980s and so in complete contrast, Ibiza is also now known as the top resort for young people with a selection of legendary nightclubs that go on all night.

The weather is usually hot during the summer and it has a large number of beaches to relax on and offers a complete range of restaurants, shops and other facilities that you would expect from a resort of this stature.

The main town in Ibiza is Ibiza Town or Vila d'Eivissa, as it is in Catalan, is a city of two parts, one known as Dalt Vila (Upper Town or the Old town) and the more modern part Eixample. Among the historic sites is a 14th century church, the Santa Maria d'Eivissa which is on an elevated location on a hill. Other sites include the Punic necropolis of Puig des Molins, which is a museum showing the ancient remains of the Phoenicians, Punics, and Romans civilisations who had lived there. It is believed that the port was first founded by the Phoenicians, thousands of years ago.

San Antonio or Saint Antoni is the second largest town and was a small fishing village until the groth of commercial tourism in the 1960s. It now has a good selection of hotels, restaurants and bars that are open late during the season. Two of the popular night clubs, Eden and Es Paradis are in San Anyonio.