Majorca Holidays

Majorca (spelt Mallorca in Catalan and Spanish) is the largest of the Balearic islands and was one of the first areas to be opened up to large scale tourism. Its appeal is easy to see as it has a large selection of good beaches, good weather and beautiful countryside. A number of the coastal towns have developed into major resorts but if you travel inland, you can find that quiet atmosphere.

Majorca is another place where there is more than one language. Historically and culturally it is linked with Catalonia, so the main language spoken is Catalan, although most locals also speak Spanish.

Palma is the capital, major port on Majorca and still has elements of its old town feel. It has a long history being at the centre of many conflicts over the centuries including being an active base during the Spanish civil war when Majorca was a nationalist stronghold. Palma has a beautiful cathedral, La Seu which was first built during the 13th century. Other impressive buildings include the Marivent Palace, which is regularly used by the King of Spain for his summer holidays. As befitting a large city and tourist centre, Palma has a large number of shops and restaurants offering all types of cuisine. Local seafood dishes tend to be popular, especially in the Tapas bars.

The most lively resort for the younger visitor is Magalluf which is well known for its night clubs and party atmosphere. However Magalluf is also a family resort and most of the big tour operators offer a number of hotels and package holidays there. It has 3 beaches with white sand in front of a selection of bars, shops and hotels. One of the popular challenges is to swim the 400 metre to Isla de sa Porrassa or Black Lizard island, although it is not advised unless you are a very competent swimmer.

The most well know night club is BCM and it is located on Avenida S'Olivera. During the peak summer season of July and August, a number of top DJs play at BCM to wild enthusiastic crowds and the Magalluf party atmosphere is legendary.

Palma Nova is close to Palma and Magalluf and is a more family orientated resort that has grown considerably in recent years.