Spanish Festivals and Events

As you might have seen on Television, Spain has some wonderful and distinctive festivals that capture the imagination.

Whether you agree or disagree, the Spanish love their Bulls. As you walk along you will see countless stickers on cars or references to the word Toro. They have a special breed Toro Bravo (Brave Bull) for their bull fights and also used for other events. The running of the bulls in San Fermín in Pamplona during the San Fermín festival around the 7th July, is the best known where the bull is allowed to run around the streets and people try to avoid it. This is obviously dangerous as if the bull does not get you, you might get trampled by the crowds of fleeing people. A number of deaths have occurred at this event over the years.

Other events include Moros y Cristianos which celebrates the victory over the Moors in in Alcoy near Alicante.

One of the most funny festivals has to be La Tomatina in the Valencian town of Buñol. It is held on the last Wednesday of August and the locals all throw tomatoes at each other.

There are also a number of more sedate festivals such as the Cordoba guitar festival

We would advise is that when you arrive at your holiday, check the local tourist information centre to see if there are any festivals or events on during your holiday as it could well be worth the effort and make your time more memorable.