Spain Holiday Weather

The weather in Spain is seasonal with the Winters tending to be wetter and more windy. Inland on high ground such as the Pyrenees, there can be snow and you can have a Skiing holiday in Andorra, the tiny separate country within Spain's borders.

Obviously Spain is a large country and there are some major regional differences in the weather. Green Spain has a higher than average rainfall due to its proximity to the Atlantic and the prevailing Westerly winds.

The summers are what the British love in Spain. They tend to be more consistent with warm temperatures and lots of sun. Mid day temperatures are usually mid-high 70s in the main resorts but can go into the 80s. Springs and Autumns tend to be sunny, but obviously less consistent and more windy.

In terms of the best time to go, obviously most people go for sun holidays and the best months are usually June to September as you would expect. However either side of thet time can be pleasant and warm.

Although part of Spain, this website does not particularly deal with the Canary Islands. Located off the coast of Africa, their weather is much more consistent and less seasonal throughout the year and hence they tend to have more of all year holiday season.